About me


I am a Costa Rican biologist interested in the ecology, evolution, and conservation of bats. I completed my bachelor’s and post-bachelor’s degree in Biology, with specializations in Tropical Biology and Natural Resource Management, at Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica.

For my research, I enjoy using phylogenetic data to explore the evolution of ecological and morphological traits in bats. Additionally, I like to incorporate spatial and environmental data to provide a geographic perspective in my work. I am also passionate about seeking conservation implications for bats and the ecosystems they inhabit.

In La Selva (OET, Costa Rica), I had the opportunity to catch and handle a Vampyrum spectrum (Family Phyllostomidae), the largest bat in America.

Currently, I am a master’s student of Biology at Towson University in Maryland (since fall 2023). I am a member of the Caetano Lab. My project will focus on topics related to diet and bat macroevolution.

During my free time, I enjoy cycling, running, and painting. I also love to go hiking in the mountains and coffee plantations close to my home. I have a dog named Ema, and I enjoy taking her for hiking or short walks at night (when I am in home, but unfortunately she is not with me right now).

During one of my bike trips in Costa Rica, I reached the entrance of the Barva Volcano sector (2900 m.a.s.l) within Braulio Carrillo National Park.